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The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology is the only nationally accredited museum located on a secondary school campus—The Webb Schools. The museum holds over 140,000 specimens, with exhibits divided into the “Hall of life,” which traces the history of earth from the first cells through human civilization, and the “Hall of Footprints,” which holds the most diverse display of fossilized animal tracks in the United States.

In October of 2013, the Alf Museum made international news with its announcement that one of the Webb high school students found the youngest, smallest and most complete fossil skeleton yet known from the iconic tube-crested dinosaur Parasaurolophus. The discovery shows that the prehistoric plant-eater sprouted its strange headgear before it celebrated its first birthday. Three-dimensional scans of nearly the entire fossil are freely available online, making this the most digitally-accessible dinosaur to date. See it online at

The Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Club has made a number of grants to the Alf Museum to fund a special program to give extra paleontology training to all of the science teachers in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.