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Bacchus-Doc in a Box

 Bacchus-Doc in a Box

 "We are constantly asked “Why Bacchus-Doc in a Box?”

Each year the International Bacchus Society takes on a new or interesting challenge. In 2007 we received a letter from The Africa Project asking for our support. Our founder Steve Bender began researching the area, organization, and needs. While he was very impressed with The Africa Project’s reputation, he was horrified to learn that each year in Africa the number of men, women, and children that die from AIDS is equivalent to the population of Orange County.

The Nkandla region of South Africa has the highest rate of HIV and AIDS in the world. Bender contacted The Africa Project and said, “We need to improve conditions, not just send a check, but send a solution.” Bender turned to Western High School’s Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) program to realize his vision. The students, as a part of the industrial arts program, would build the clinic and learn about philanthropy and the needs of children in South Africa.
The result: A Bacchus Society partnership with BITA and the Africa Project to build a medical clinic out of a 20 foot shipping container.

Under the guidance of Jerry Cates at Western High School, the students will learn about construction techniques for solar, wind, water collection, and insulation; providing them with valuable skills for the emerging green job market.

The “Bacchus-Doc in a Box” interior will include an examination area, medical supplies, refrigeration, water filtration, and record storage. Outside the box is a multimedia education center to perform topical seminars on sex education, health issues, basic sanitation, and safety. A convenient community bulletin board will have current health information to help villagers stay informed. “Our students have decided to make this a school-wide project, running an awareness campaign and supplies drive,” said Cates. “We are learning about another culture, HIV/AIDS and donating our building skills to a worthy cause. It’s a big deal.”

Bacchus Doc-in-a-Box Founder, Steve Bender inside the first Box built for Nkandla, South Africa

“We need to improve conditions, not just send a check, but send a solution.”

The Nkandla region of South Africa has the highest rate of HIV and AIDS in the world. Particularly hard hit are the young parents who are dying off leaving orphan children as head of households.

Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) students from Western High School in Anaheim designed and built the first Bacchus-Doc in a Box out of a used 20 foot shipping container.

We will complete the Box and open the Holistic Health Center in Nkandla South Africa in 2014 and begin offering these services with our strategic partners “The Africa Project”:

  • Health Screening 
  • HIV Counseling and Testing 
  • TB Testing and Treatment
  • General Health Counseling and education
  • Dental
  • Vision Screening
  • High Teen Pregnancy Rate: Girls who are pregnant must report to a teacher, and then receive classes on pre-natal care. Also, Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) is a critical issue in the community.

“Working together to make a difference in the lives of children in Africa devastated by poverty and AIDS.”